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Welcome to Versus Fitness’ Balanced Body Conditioning Classes! Learn to increase your physical capabilities one class at a time. Improve your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility through weight lifting, challenging body weight exercises, and long stretching.

This is a class that will allow you to challenge yourself at your own pace while still being motivated to push yourself. A group class with the feel and attention of having a personal trainer. If you have never lifted heavy weights, feel weak in certian areas (i.e. back, legs, etc.) feel uncoordinated, or not very flexible, this class is absolutely for you! All levels are welcome! Come and improve your overall physical abilities for whatever you want to do in life! Try Our Montebello Fitness Classes NOW!

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Learning from books or videos is fine but it’s difficult to do things alone because you have to be sure you’re paying attention to EVERY detail. It’s always a better idea to have the eyes and knowledge of a trainer to help you catch anything you may be doing wrong before possibly hurting yourself. Going to the gym and using equipment with no specific plan in place will get you little to temporary results. This class gives you a plan to follow that will let you measure your results so you can actually see the difference for yourself. This takes the guess work out of workout! Leave knowing that you worked your butt of and knowing that you made the BEST of that day. Come in and start working on the results you deserve TODAY! No gimmicks or fuss to worry about like you would receive from walking into “mega gym”, try out our program and we’re sure you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

Get a FULL Body Workout with our Strength and Fitness Classes in Montebello

Ever wonder why some exercises are more difficult than others? Why push ups and pull ups, while being simple in nature, are so difficult to perform? The answer is from a lack of properly built all around strength and the motivation to stick with it! We will help you build the strength and learn the proper technique so that you can move your body the way YOU want it to. People come in all the time afraid of push ups because they have never done one before or they feel they DON’T have the strength, but that feeling disappears when they start knocking out push ups with the best of them! All through consistency and the willingness to try! People are afraid of what they can’t do but we’re here to show you that you CAN! We will not let you give up on yourself, we will not let you underestimate yourself, and will not let you lose motivation. As you come to each class, over time you will feel certain exercises get easier but that’s when you will be pushed to do more! You will be challenged to push yourself each time and that is what will keep the results coming!

What To Expect from Versus Fitness Classes in Montebello

Expect to work but not get left behind! The class follows a format that let’s you move at YOUR own pace. You don’t have to worry about the person next to you moving at light speed. Some people can get an exercise down faster than others. Some even come in with injuries that don’t allow them to move quickly. You can perform the exercises so that you can learn to do them PROPERLY and not just quickly. You will burn calories no matter what. The Cardio section is tough but also allows you to move at your pace. I have seen fitness classes that move at a certain tempo and I have seen people struggling to learn the first movement while the class moves on to the third. If you can already move quickly or are a fast learner, there is no lack in challenge for you! Also expect to STRETCH! I don’t mean light 5 second holds just to loosen up. I mean good, long, stretching that will make you more flexible! Stretching after a workout helps you recover faster, but increasing your flexibility helps to make you stronger, more agile, and to be able to control your body at more angles. The best thing to expect is STRUCTURE and PERSONAL ATTENTION! How do you know you’re improving if you do a random workout every class? It’s hard to keep track and you never have quite enough to to nail that exercise. With our program you have enough time to get that exercise down and see yourself improve with it before we switch up to a new set of exercises! We do the best we can to make sure you are doing things properly and getting everything you need out of your work out but we encourage you to ask questions and keep a positive atmosphere! We are here to help you reach YOUR goals.

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