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If you’re interested in Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or Kids Martial Arts for Your Child, Versus Fitness MMA Gym and Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello is your Best Choice!!!

#1 MMA Training Gym and Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello located near Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley serving Alhambra, Downey, Pico Rivera, Whittier, Rosemead, Monterey Park, Temple City, San Gabriel and South El Monte areas! 

You Don’t Have to Be a Fighter to Receive the Benefits of Training Like One!

Let’s face it, not everyone is lining up to step into the cage and become the next MMA superstar. But why are they the only ones that get to have fun getting in great shape while practicing effective martial arts techniques. What people don’t realize is that you CAN train (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts without getting punched in the face or stepping into the cage. One of the most common statements I receive from normal average people are, ” I Don’t Want to Get Kicked or Punched in the Face!”  I tell them right away, “You won’t”  They take a class and become Instantly Addicted! Use the FREE Guest Pass to Try out our Classes and See for yourself why this is your Best Choice for an MMA Gym and Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello!

Each class whether it  involves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai or a mix of both, you will be in a Fun Motivating atmosphere where you will be hitting pads, learning awesome techniques and getting a great workout. Safely and Effectively in a controlled environment. The coach will teach everyone how to hold the pads for each other for various different strikes. Grappling coaches will practice positions and techniques in a variety of ways that will help you retain the knowledge, build phenomenal core strength and lose weight pretty easily. Getting the Awesome Benefits of Training Martial Arts in Montebello has never been this Fun!

Transform Your Life Training Mixed Martial Arts!


MMA Gym and Jiu Jitsu classes in Montebello

Frank has Lost over 70 pounds and Counting!!

Thank you coach Brian! I remember the first time I walked it to your gym. I told you that I wanted to lose weight, get in shape and I asked you if you where willing to help me. You said yes and till this day you continue to help me. I thank God for leading me to Versus Fitness if it wasn’t for you and your gym it would be a different story. –Frank H

Give Your Child the Gift of Confidence with Kids Martial Arts in Montebello

MMA Gym and Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello

Children can also get the same benefits from training martial arts. They will become stronger, both mentally and physically so they can first Avoid Physical Confrontation and/or diffuse the situation or Defend themselves when its absolutely necessary. They will Learn to Listen Effectively, Work with a Team, Develop Confidence and Discipline all while be physically active. Kids Martial Arts in Montebello is great for kids ages 4-12 and we also work with Teens.

>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE for Kids Martial Arts<<<<<<<<<< 

Try Out a Free Class and See all the fun people are having. If after one class you still can’t decide, Come Back for another class! Its a fun class filled with lots of technique, strength and conditioning, friends and healthy motivation. Call Us at (562) 743-2866 or Come in and Visit the #1 Choice for a MMA Gym and Jiu Jitsu Classes in Montebello serving the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Area!


Versus Fitness Honest Pricing!

  • Watch out for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Schools in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley offering a 30 Day “Free Trial” and using tricky pricing tactics.
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “Registration fees” and “Pushy Sales Techniques”
  • We don’t trick our customers into paying more with “belt fees” and other hidden costs.
  • Many gyms won’t disclose their prices until you come in (so they can hard sell you).


Versus Fitness Offers Great Beginner’s classes for the First time Newbie! Intro Courses of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) and Kids Martial Arts. Get Your FREE MMA Guest Pass and Try out our Programs at NO COST TO YOU. I mean that! No Cost to you to Try Out the Classes. All of them. PERIOD. I want you to Absolutely Fall in Love with Training with Us!!

Some Gyms Offer 30 Days For Free! Sounds Great Right? But Do you Really Get All of those 30 Days for FREE? I am not just a Small Business Owner, I am also a consumer and when I’m hit with Unbelievable Deals such as “30 Days Free”, my first reaction is

“What Is the Catch?”

As a Business Owner I want you to Sample my programs before you Become a member. I am confident in my programs, coaches and my facility to Let you come in, train with my team as if you were already a part of it and feel what it’s like to actually train in these different styles.  

Call Versus Fitness & Martial Arts Today! (562) 743-2866



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