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Give Your Child the Gift of Confidence with Versus Fitness & Martial Art’s Kids Program

Hello Proud Parent,

I’m Coach Brian Armijo I have a Love for teaching, a love for promoting healthy living and fitness, and love for martial arts especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Students of mine young and old alike have grown to love the sport just as I have and got into great shape doing it. Since you have taken the time to find my page I want to personally invite you and your child to Visit Versus Kids Martial Arts in Montebello.

I have come to notice that martial arts work wonders on a child’s confidence and athletic ability. It increases their focus, agility and positive outlook. They learn to become goal oriented and then learn how to apply what they have learned in other aspects of their daily kiddo life. I believe all martial arts have something to teach us and kids have everything to gain by practicing the fitness exercises, movements, techniques as well as the core values of respect, fairness, teamwork and discipline.

I, like most others that grew up in the 80s and 90s, was fascinated with martial arts movies especially by Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid. So I did what most other kids did, I practiced against invisible ninjas inside the house and outside in the yard. I became more involved in playing team sports. I was very active in AYSO and Little League as a kid. I became more interested and more experienced at soccer than in baseball and that is when I became familiar with the “Everyone Plays Team Rule”. That is, the rule that every kid gets a chance to play in those organizations. 

Kids that were more talented, more experienced, or faster, or could hit the ball better never really had to worry about this rule. They got more playing time and thus added to their experience and skills. It was kids that were a bit slower, smaller or not as coordinated as the others. Maybe they didn’t get a chance to play a lot of catch with family members or didn’t spend much time running and jumping outside with friends. These kids didn’t get a lot of playing time, they received just enough so that they didn’t make a critical mistake and cost the game for the team. I was THAT KID in baseball. I sat the bench a lot. On my soccer team it was the opposite. I watched other kids sit the bench and knew EXACTLY how they felt. How does a person, much less a child, become better at something if not given the chance to practice, get more experience and make real gains in terms of agility, strength, quickness, coordination not to mention confidence and self-esteem?

Kids Martial Arts in Montebello Will Give Kids a Chance to Reach their True Potential. Call Now 562 743-2866 to Speak with Coach Brian Today!!!

Kids Martial Arts in Montebello can help kids make real gains. If your child already has great agility and speed, they will learn more ways to apply those traits and sharpen them. If your child comes in a bit uncoordinated with an average or poor physical fitness level, they will begin to improve all motor skills, strength and athleticism. As a byproduct, they will gain a tremendous amount of confidence for overcoming (by themselves) obstacles that lead to a transformation they will notice. Not to mention something a proud parent will recognize right away. Feel Free to Visit Versus Kids Martial Arts in Montebello and see for yourself!

Using the Skill of Learning is the perhaps the most important skill kids can develop at Versus Fitness & Martial Arts. Students will learn the process of improving a skill, how to approach problems, how to move through challenges and witness for themselves the joy and satisfaction their hard work brings. A Few Skills Worth Mentioning are: Understanding goal setting and achievement Using losses/setbacks as a tool for improvement pattern recognition & problem solving. Coach Brian is a graduate of California State University Fullerton and understands how the Martial Arts really do apply to outside activities including the academic future of the children he works with. The lessons they learn on the mat at Versus Fitness & Martial Arts will help them deal with Peer Pressure, Bullying, How to Overcome Challenges and Obstacles and Much More…Change Your Child’s Life and Get Started with the Versus Kids Program!

Hope to See you Soon,

Coach Brian 

Versus Fitness & Martial Arts 

 Montebello, CA 90640