COVID-19 Update from Versus Fitness

NEWS: RE-Opening Date hopefully draws near. Versus Fitness has been closed since March 17th when the Stay at Home order was given. During that time, we made the switch to techniques, drills, and exercises all based online. We have used FB Live, Zoom, videos posted weekly in our Private FB group and most of all have developed Versus Online Video library available right here on the website.

We made all this available with No Charge.

We have come to understand that some gyms continued charging members for this time off, but here at Versus, we felt that would likely hurt more than help our members. Membership dues have been suspended for the months of April and May. All prepaid members will be c...


Happy New Year | Re-Opening Week Schedule

Schedule for this Upcoming Week


Versus Fitness 2017- New Year, New Gym, Same Great Training and Vibe

Happy New Year! The time has come. We are Excited to welcome everyone into our New larger space we'll call home. Versus Fitness has expanded our mat space, added a full-size ring, more striking equipment, more seating area and you just have to see the rest for yourself.

For anyone looking to get started, please contact us at 562-743-2866 and ask about our $59 2 Week Trial + Uniform/Gear Comes with Unlimited Training in both Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our schedule is modified for this first week of January. Here it is below:

Monday Closed NO CLASS

Tuesday BJJ 10:30am (NO MUAY THA...



I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season. We appreciate your patience as we get our New facility up and running. We are still working and putting some finishing touches together but we can't wait to show off the amazing new space we have.

Our Re-Opening Date is Tuesday January 3rd


Versus Fitness 2017

Here is the Class Schedule for Tuesday January 3rd

Morning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 10:30am-12:30pm (NO Muay Thai just yet)

Kids Adv Combination - 4:30pm

AVK -5:30

BJJ Beginning Fundamentals-6:30pm

BJJ 201 Intermediate-7:30pm

No Evening Muay Thai. Our First Muay Thai Class will be Wednesday January 4th at 6:30pm with Coach Ondre

Any Questions? Please Call/Text 562-743-2866


Schedule UPDATE: Last Days at the Original Versus

We Will Be Moving Friday December 23rd

Our Last Classes at the Original Versus Fitness location will be this Thursday night with Coach Mike and Coach Roland! Stop by and get your last training sessions and say your farewells to the walls we called home.

We will be Closed Friday, Saturday(Christmas Eve), Sunday(Christmas Day) for Regular scheduled classes.

Please stay tuned for more information on a possible Christmas Eve Open mat and next week's schedule To-Be-Announced.

Regular scheduled classes for Wednesday and Thursday!

(New Location will offer larger mat area, boxing ring, punching bags and much much more)

Have a Merry Christmas and we will see you soon.


New Location is Located within the Mon...


Martial Arts Teach Kids How to Set Goals

I remember being too shy as a kid to go out in front of people. My parents wanted to sign me up for sports teams in soccer and baseball but it wasn't until my younger brother went out there that I gave it a try. My earliest memories were that I had fun playing soccer but not so much baseball. At minimum I enjoyed the nachos at the concession stand. They hand-cut and deep fried their own chips and they were delicious. It just wasn't my sport. I tried out and because I could run fast on the bases and I could throw relatively straight, I made it to Minor A. I didn't belong there to say the least. I was uncomfortable and awkward.


Although in soccer, I enjoyed playing and practicing. It came natur...


Happy to Announce our Expansion | Versus Fitness & Martial Arts

I made a Post early 2013 with a picture of an empty room. It was a blank canvas to me and sometimes when I don't know what to draw or paint, well, I just start by putting up colors I like, then lines, then ideas start to form and we go from there. We make mistakes, we make adjustments. We add more color, we erase and take color away.

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