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Martial Arts in Montebello-Have You Ever Wondered If You Could Do It?


Before I ever set a foot in a martial arts studio or took my first martial arts class, I like many other kids my age at the time wondered about what it was like to do Karate like Daniel-san or Wrestle like WWF stars ”The Undertaker or Razor Ramone (who was my brother’s favorite)”. I grew up in the 90’s, so if you don’t know who these super stars are, please go ahead and do a Google search. They were sort of childhood icons for fighting styles, like Rocky Balboa for boxing or Bruce Lee for martial arts as a whole.

As kids, we pretended to be like these people and play fought out in the yard or in our bedrooms. We threw kicks, punches, wrestled, someone always got hurt or wanted to stop but the other partner kept going to far which turned into a real fight. Three facts were certain. 1) We had no idea what we were doing; 2) Our parents did NOT encourage this behavior and; 3) Martial arts influenced our lives growing up.
So why did I end up walking into my first dojo at age 23? I’m pretty sure it just boils down to my parents did not encourage that kind of behavior and I didn’t really fight to push the matter. My parents were traditional, so we signed up for Little League, AYSO and YMCA Basketball. Soccer was not something my dad was familiar with but once he saw his sons were pretty good at it, he learned to appreciate it. Now, he fully endorses the sport and even today is an avid soccer or futbol fan. (He even does a soccer dance, ask him to show you)
On some level, martial arts and fighting were always part of my life. One story comes to mind of a backyard boxing match my friend (May he rest in peace) and I set up some 15 years ago. I trained hard for it, a lot of roadwork and sit-ups. I didn’t train too much boxing technique because why? I knew it all. We video-taped the ridiculously sloppy backyard brawl and I won pretty decisively. I immediately ran home to show my dad my winning footage. Needless to say, he was not as happy as I was. Martial arts came down to fighting and fighting was just not encouraged in my household.

Even in high school before a soccer team was formed, I trained with the Wrestling team and loved it. The coach saw potential in me but when the high school soccer team finally materialized, I moved over to the grass and left the mats behind. I had to choose because they were the same season. Little did I know I would make my way back to the mats.

Now martial arts is practiced for a variety of reasons; self-defense, competition, as a hobby, to increase physical fitness or to improve and help the practitioner in physical, mental and even in spiritual development. Yes, training martial arts does involve fighting or sparring, but that is when you get to a point where the skills you develop over time will be tested against another opponent. But first, especially in the program we have at Versus Fitness & Martial Arts, your first opponent is yourself.


Kids and Adults alike, need to face some really daunting tasks, coordinated body movements and challenging exercises on a daily basis. It can be scary and those facing these tasks need to be very aware of their own thoughts, the “I can’t” or the “there is no way I can do that!” and the “I’m too sore to practice!” are just a few of the type of negative thoughts that can hold you back. Our greatest enemy is surely ourselves when it comes to trying something new and getting outside our comfort zone. Learning to fight these thoughts, put in the work no matter how much you sweat, blister, ache or pain, will undoubtedly take you to another level only those who train will understand. Those who have learned to metaphorically drop elbows on and push away those negative thoughts will find new levels to challenge themselves with.

I’ve found that people who train consistently learn to use this newfound strength outside the gym, in the workplace, the home and in traffic of all places. You become more balanced; you make better and healthier choices in diet and most often than not become calmer and more poised in difficult situations.

I often look back and wish I could have started earlier with my training. I know for fact it could have helped me immensely, not only on how to protect myself better but maybe with giving me more practical knowledge, confidence and awareness of avoiding bad situations in the first place.

Martial Arts in Montebello-Start Your Training Now Don’t Wait

Martial arts for me now is a way of life. If I go to the local 24HrFitness, I train to be stronger or have more endurance for training on the mat. The patience and humility I have found on the mat I try hard to be congruent outside and off the mat with myself and my business. I will continue to become better and help others become better. I see how it can change lives and that is what I am drawn to.

If you have ever been like me and wanted to train but for some reason the stars didn’t align, I encourage you to try out the classes at Versus Fitness & Martial Arts. We have a great beginners program for Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Get your kids started as early as 4 years old in our Kids Martial Arts program where they will learn great techniques as well as what it takes to be courageous and confident.

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